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                                              Training Program 

S&Y Sunrise Kennels offers training programs for retriever’s for waterfowl hunting and hunt test competition or for a companion. We have several different training areas including water and on land. We train to teach motivation and develop confidence in the dogs. Most all retrievers have the natural ability to retrieve it just takes time to bring out the best in them. All dogs are different and learn at a different pace, when you figure out how to communicate with them. They will do what you ask of them just to please you. We will meet with you and your retriever to evaluate and listen to details of what you want to accomplish, and recommend a program to suit your needs. A retriever, which is stylish and well mannered, wins the admiration of others.


 *                                  Private lessons

We offer private lessons to individuals that want to train their own dog.

This allows the owner to train his or her own dog with our help. Once a week for two months or as long as you would like in order to get your dog to the level you would like. I will give you things to work on each week and will be available if you need help during that time.

*                            Puppy Training Program


A puppy’s experience before the age of six months plays an important role in determining his or her ultimate potential. Retriever puppy training includes socialization, manners, gentle obedience training, introduction to birds, exposure to gunfire and plenty of marking practice in various types of cover and water. By the age of six months most puppies will sit, heel and come when called. They will respond to a whistle and understand the teaching and learning relationship.

*                              Basic Training Program


The Basic Program is the foundation for future training starting at age six months. Whether you desire a more advanced dog or simply a basic gun dog, it is critical to have a good foundation. A 4 to 6 month stay is suggested depending on how the dog progresses. All dogs are different some just take longer than others.

* Formal Obedience

* Collar Conditioning

* Force Fetch

* Collar Fetch

* Short and Long Singles

* Short Simple Doubles

* Steadiness to Shot


After completion of this training the dog should be a respectable hunting companion and would benefit from hunting experience. The dog would also be ready to compete in AKC Junior Hunt Test.    . .                                                                                                              *                           Intermediate Training Program

Intermediate Training Program is designed to follow the Basic Training Program. Beginning with lining drills and pattern work for handling blind retrieves along with multiple marked retrieves to enhance your dogs marking ability.

* Force to Pile

* Wagon Wheel Lining

* Baseball Drills

* T-Pattern

* Swim By

* Handed Cast

* Beginning Cheating Singles

* Increased Difficulty- Singles

* Loads of Marks to Encourage RETRIEVE!

After completing this level of training your dog will be competitive in AKC Senior Hunt Test. Will be a joy to hunt with, and should run short blind retrieves and be able to retrieve double and multiple marks.         .                                                                                                             *                              Advanced Training Program

Advanced Training Program  is designed to follow the Intermediate Training Program in order to finish your retrievers training.

* Multiple Marking Continues

* Advanced Cheating Marks

* Difficult Blind Retrieves

* Many more easy marks to ENCOURAGE RETRIEVE!

After finishing this program you will have a finished retriever Success at AKC Master Hunt Test is realistic. Your dog, at this time, will handle many demanding scenarios and you will be proud to call him or her your best hunting buddy.

S&Y Sunrise Kennels

Client Information

* All dogs are required to have current vaccinations including Bordetella (Kennel cough).

* All dogs must have proof of negative test for heartworms.

* Veterinary services will be billed to you

* You will be billed on the first of each month for training fees, heartworm preventative and birds.                                                             * You are to pay for the first month at the start of the training

* You will receive a monthly report on your dog’s progress.

* We encourage owner participation



        Contact Information                                                                                                                                       

    Telephone (260) 927-0722  Cell 260-570-6650

          Postal address 4215 County Road 43 Auburn IN 46706  

          Electronic mail info@sunrisekennels.us