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                                                    Breeding Agreement 

    Breeding Agreement

    As owners of the Labrador retrievers named below we, the undersigned, consent, and agree to the terms and considerations of this agreement for the breeding of:

    S and Y SKYBUSTIN LAD                     _________________________________________

    NAME OF STUD                                   NAME OF BITCH

    SR00146903                                         _________________________________________

    AKC NUMBER                                       AKC NUMBER

    As owner of the above named STUD, I agree as follows:

    A)  A stud service will be provided by this STUD to this BITCH as soon as she will stand. An attempt will be made for a second time within 48 hours.

    B)  Every effort will be made to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the BITCH while she is in my care.

    C)  I will promptly sign and return the AKC application for litter registration after the financial terms of this agreement have been met by the owner of the BITCH.

    ___________________________________________________ ___/___/___

    Stud Owner Date

    Steve Lechleidner

    As the owner of the above named BITCH, I (WE) agree to

    ____________________________________________________  ___/___/___

    A) The fee for this stud service will be $ 300.00 or pick of the litter                                                                                             B) A non-refundable fee of $50.00 will be paid to the STUD owner at the time the BITCH is delivered. The fee is to cover boarding, transportation, and handling of this bitch and is a separate fee from the stud fee.

    C) The stud fee shall be paid to the STUD owner no later than two weeks after the date of whelping. If there are no live pups whelped, no stud fee is owed. If there are three or more pups the entire stud fee is due. If there are less than three pups, a fee of $50.00 per pup will be charged for the stud fee.

    D) We will be responsible for all transportation charges for the BITCH to and from the STUD owners residence or the Ft. Wayne Bearfield airport. We will also responsible for any veterinary fees related to the BITCH’s breeding or care while in the custody of the STUD owner.

    E) Prior to breeding, we will provide the Stud owner copies of the BITCH’s pedigree. OFA certificate, a negative fecal and brucellosis certificate from our veterinarian ( dated within 15 days of anticipated breeding date).

    ___________________________ ___/___/___ (___)____________          


    (We will Email you Breeding Agreement at your request)  








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