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                                                             Kennel News 



Tripp is owned  by clients Jim & Mary Roussel. Tripp finished his senior hunt test title in the spring 2011, passing five of five. Tripp moved on to earn his master hunt test title in 2011, and has passed six straight. Tripp also has two UKC finished passes in 2011, Tripp had never failed a test and has accomplished all of this before he was two years old. 2012 Backwater Hunt test Tripp passed one of two masters. Tripp passes a double Master at Ohio  Valley and passed the Masters at the golden Retriever club of Illinois. Tripp now has 10 master passes and is qualified for his trip to the Master national. Tripp passed Michigan flyways Master test for number 11. Tripp get two more finished passes at Backwater test. Tripp passes the marsh banks hunt test for his 12 master pass 9/7/2012 Tripp passes backwater master for number 13 Tripp went to the Master Nationals and done very well pass the first test with no handles and went on to the 2nd test and dropped out on the test that maybe only 40 dogs picked  up the marks  clean 




S&Y Sunrise Paige Of Dreams 2012 Backwater Hunt test. She  passed a double Master. Paige passed a double Master at Ohio Valley and one at the Golden retriever club of Illinois. Paige gets her   18 straight  master pass at Marsh banks hunt test in   Michigan never failing a test. Paige gets her first master Nationals pass in 2012   



Rosie is owned by clients Marc & Vonda Strandquist. Rosie earned her senior hunt test title in 2011, passing five straight  





Gunner is owned by  client Tim Burns. Gunner earned his junior title in 2011, passing four straight




  Owner Rob Harris With S&Y Sunrise Top Dollar. Cash earned his AKC hunt test title in Sept.12, 2009.He earned his UKC HRCH Title April 10, 2011. Cash earned 325 point in 2011, passing 19 test out of 20. Rob's goal for 2012 is to hit the UKC 500 point club. Rob and Cash hit the 500 point club at Backwater test 6/17/2012



 S&Y Sunrise Ringneck Winger owned  Jason & Elaine Shuler. Winger earned his junior hunt test title 9/20/2009. He Earned his senior hunt test title 5/2/2011. Winger Earned his  Master Title at the Golden Retriever club of Illinois 5/6/2012 . Winger passed the masters at marsh banks and went on and passed the 2012 Master national    





        Contact Information                                                                                                                                       

    Telephone (260) 927-0722  Cell 260-570-6650

          Postal address 4215 County Road 43 Auburn IN 46706  

          Electronic mail info@sunrisekennels.us